Legal Assistance

Legal Assistance

Justice requires just laws to begin with – laws which focus on the protection of the fundamental human rights of all, particularly the disadvantaged and the Humanity Foundation inalized. Statutory law must comply with the recognized standards of human rights law. Effective safeguards must be available to prevent discrimination and uphold fundamental freedoms and equality. This is true not only for new or proposed statutes, rules and policies, but also for existing ones. HUMANITY FOUNDATION engages with policy makers in providing inputs for new legislations and assessing existing ones.

Since its inception, HUMANITY FOUNDATION has been strongly involved in various campaigns and advocacy activities. Our focus has been on a wide set of issues ranging from securing rights for displaced people, improving implementation.

While legal awareness is the natural starting point for legal empowerment, it has often to be followed by legal assistance in actually accessing rights. This is especially so for Humanity Foundation inalized sections whose protracted vulnerability makes access to justice particularly difficult. Legal assistance can range from legal advice and counseling, to representation in court through litigation. HUMANITY FOUNDATION provides legal assistance through its network of lawyers and community justice workers in various parts of the country.

HUMANITY FOUNDATION provides free legal assistance to the poor and the Humanity Foundation inalized e.g. women, children, persons with disabilities, the poor. HUMANITY FOUNDATION ’s lawyers have been providing legal counseling and in a few cases direct legal representation in courts. Legal assistance is also provided regularly for Group NGO’s


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