Legal Assistance

Help to Fund Sourcing

‘National Humanity Foundation ’ the Team is a registered organization under the Indian Government Registration act working for providing technical & legal help for Non Government Organizations (NGO).

We conduct presentations, seminars and give consultancy in different places and cities in India on legal, technical and fund raising aspects for Non Government Organizations (NGO). While conducting these exercise, we are observing that many NGO’s are weak in legal activities, they are working for last so many year for the betterment of the society without Trust Registration and other legal formalities such as, 12A, 80G, 35AC, FCRA and other income tax numbers.

‘National Humanity Foundation’ is a team of dedicated and well qualified team providing the world class services in NGO consultancy at your door step.

Our mission is to help NGOs focus more on the implementation of programmes rather than chasing funds. We understand that NGOs are crucial to the success of our country. Raising funds to sustain NGO should not dominate precious time and energy. We will help make your fundraising experience fun and exciting, something that both you and your supporters will look forward to each year.

Objective of ‘National Humanity Foundation ’ the Team : To equip the NGO’s in the following:
Legal Aspect
« To provide consultancy to form a Trust, Society or Private Limited Company as per the rules & regulations of Society Registration Act of Govt. of India.
« To apply PAN Card
« To apply 12 A
« To apply 80G
« To apply 35 AC
« To apply 35 AC (1&2)
« To apply 35 A C (1&3)
« To apply FCRA
« To apply 35 CCB

Technical Aspects
« To design & host interactive website
« To write the contents of the website
« To design the broacher, newsletter, annual report and other communication materials
« To prepare & manage online/offline donor management system
« Data Base management & to work as outsource mailing agency
« Online Payment Gateways

Fund Raising Techniques
« To organize funds for your organization
« Projects proposal writing
« Institutional & Government funding
« Different Fund Raising Plans
« Direct Mailing Applications
« Donation Boxes
« Schools awareness cum sponsorship programme
« Corporate Fund Raising
« Internet fund raising
« Foreign funding
« Cause related marketing
« Awareness Events
« Fund Raising events
« Social Campaigns, trainings & seminars

Event Management
“National Humanity Foundation” the Team has a dedicated team for event management. Event is important as it raise maximum funds at optimum cost. Completed within a certain time frame. Gives scope for wide publicity to the work of the charity and those who aid it.There can be several special events in a year. Events can be small where Rs. 5 lakhs are raised like Ghazal Nites, Film Show, and Christmas Party etc. Mega Events where funds Above Rs. 5 lakhs raised like Musical Nites, Film Star Cricket Festivals, Star Show, Celebrity Dinner, Auctions etc.


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